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Louis-Philippe Gauthier
Lead Software Developer of AdGear Trader, Infrastructure Engineering

Louis-Philippe "LP" Gauthier is a software developer and part-time music geek based in Montreal, Canada. He is the lead developer of AdGear Trader, a real-time digital advertising platform connecting buyers, sellers, and ad exchanges. His interests include distributed processing, high throughput low latency web services, and long walks on the beach.

Twitter: @lpgauth
Github: @lpgauth

Louis-Philippe Gauthier is Giving the Following Talks
Building Sexy Real-Time Analytics Systems

In the world of Real-time bidding (RTB), it is crucial to get performance metrics as soon as possible. This is why AdGear build their own real-time analytics system.

In this talk, Louis-Philippe will share with you what he has learnt building this system and he will introduce Swirl, AdGear's lightweight distributed stream processor. He will also give some clues on how to build a subset of SQL to power your distributed jobs.

Talk objectives:
- Introduce Swirl, a lightweight distributed stream processor
- Implement a subset of SQL (lexer + parser + boolean logic)
- Demo real-time graphing web interface powered by Swirl, Cowboy, Bullet and D3.js

Target audience: Anyone interested in real-time analytics, stream processors, SQL, websockets, D3.js and sexy web interfaces