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Kostis Sagonas
Leader of the HiPE team and Erlang tool developer
Uppsala University and National Technical University of Athens

Kostis Sagonas is an academic who has been heavily involved in the development of Erlang and its implementation since 1999. At Uppsala University, he has led the development team of the HiPE native code compiler that nowadays is part of Erlang/OTP. Together with his students, first at Uppsala University and more recently at the National Technical University of Athens, he has proposed various changes and additions to the language (most notably, bit-level pattern matching and bit-stream comprehensions, and the language of type and spec declarations), and has contributed to its compiler and runtime system. Besides HiPE, he has designed and implemented software development tools for Erlang (dialyzer, typer, tidier, proper, ...) and has contributed bug fixes to many open-source Erlang projects.

Kostis Sagonas is Giving the Following Talks
Cool Tools for Modern Erlang Program Development

For many programmers, Erlang program development remains a relatively primitive process in the sense that it only consists of firing up one's favourite editor, writing a program, compiling it, and running it.

Although there is a certain old fashioned charm in doing things this way, this style of programming is hardly adequate for modern, disciplined and easily maintainable Erlang program development. This talk will present how a suite of software tools can complement this process by automatically detecting bugs in Erlang programs, adding machine-checkable documentation that document the intentions of their programmers, automatically creating tests from this documentation, and revealing subtle concurrency errors. Cool tools that are well-known to Erlang community as well as some new ones will be presented.

Target audience: Erlang programmers with an interest to disciplined programming.

Talk objectives: Describe the proper use of software tools that aid Erlang programming and introduce some new ones.