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Adam Kocoloski
Founder & CTO of Cloudant, CouchDB Expert

Adam is an Apache CouchDB developer and one of the founders of Cloudant. He is the lead architect of BigCouch, a Dynamo-flavored clustering solution for CouchDB that serves as the core of Cloudant's distributed data hosting platform. Adam received his Ph.D. in Physics from MIT in 2010, where he studied the gluon's contribution to the spin structure of the proton using a motley mix of server farms running Platform LSF, SGE, and Condor. He and his wife Hillary are the proud parents of two beautiful girls.

Twitter: @kocolosk

Adam Kocoloski is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang Writ Large

The Erlang/OTP programming model and framework is a boon to developers trying to build robust, scalable servers. Immutable data structures, lightweight processes and message passing in lieu of shared state all encourage healthy server designs with predictable operational characteristics.

Cloudant builds and operates a global network of database servers based on a heavily customized flavor of Apache CouchDB called BigCouch.  I'll provide a view of our Data Layer through an Erlang/OTP lens and show how various pieces of the stack -- from the storage subsystem up to global data replication -- mirror the essential elements of a typical Erlang application.

Target audience: Erlangers and Systems Engineers.  Anyone with a weakness for distributed systems.
Tackling and Taming Big Distributed Data

In this talk, Adam will be doing an overview of BigCouch and how it turns distributed data into clustered, fault-tolerant and highly available resources. In the presentation he will take you under the hood of their distributed database and demonstrate how big distributed data is made manageable again.