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Christian Westbrook
Pro Bono Erlanguatan / Reiki Practitioner Holistic Healing Center of San Francisco

Christian has over 17 years experience creating real-time software systems to obtain, analyze, and intelligently act upon data from [often disparate, always noisy] sources in environments ranging from high-frequency finance to virtual worlds to social media.  It is to his nearly exclusive use of erlang over the last 6 years of startups that he attributes the most robust, deliciously fun, and ultimately successful solutions ( well as the preservation of his sanity).

Christian resides with his cat, Chief, in San Francisco, where he has "retired" for the year to focus on spreading the OTP love via socially conscious, pro bono coding and founding the New Mission Spiritual Center to welcome in the truly exceptional times ahead.

Twitter: @cdubs

Christian Westbrook is Giving the Following Talks
Magicbeam (or Devops Rules Everything Around Me)

The open source application magicbeam contains a variety of functionality which has been used at the ExactTarget Social Media Lab. We find it helps to ensure we are developing a robust OTP system. The core functionality allows us to easily deploy software without having to implement the full OTP release handling process. The full functionality of magicbeam is useful for both production and development environments differing only in how lucky a DevOps engineer feels.

Talk objectives: Understanding of the open source package and how it can be used to harden and extend an OTP system..

Target audience: Mid to advanced Erlang developers who like pushing buttons.
Christian Westbrook is Host to the Following Tracks

DevOps" is a new track for the 2012 Erlang factories looking at the emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between Software development and operations staff. Erlang old timers will say they have been doing DevOps for years, only calling it something different. This track looks at setting that record straight. It will cover tools, procedures and infrastructure needed in the management and deployment of Erlang systems.