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Cliff Moon
Dynomite creator and committer

Cliff Moon is co-founder at Boundary where he uses both Scala and Java to build the most advanced netflow analysis platform in the world.  In a previous life, Cliff wrote Dynomite, one of the first open source dynamo clones.  He is a well regarded member of both the NoSQL and the Erlang communities, as well as a frequent organizer of Bay Area drinkups.

Twitter: @moonpolysoft

Cliff Moon is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial: Monitoring and Management of Erlang in Production

Attendees will learn monitoring and management best practices for Erlang by extending the work they did in the Deployment and Releases tutorial. Attendees will instrument their application using folsom, hot deploy their code changes, and pipe their new application metrics into a munin dashboard for visualization and alerting.  Attendees will also learn how to diagnose hot spots and other runtime issues using Erlangs built-in remote shell facilities.