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Dave Smith
YAED. Author of rebar and bitcask
Basho Technologies

Dizzy has been writing software for the past 15 years and has been lucky enough to work in Erlang for the past 5. He has a broad range of experience in several fields including real-time messaging systems, identity federation and authentication and low-latency peer-to-peer datastores. He's been an active contributor to several Open Source projects, including Jabber and Basho's Riak server. He started the Rebar project in 2009.

Rebar project

Dave Smith is Host to the Following Tracks

Use the right tool for the right job! Erlang has often been used together with other languages or systems. This track looks at examples of how Erlang can be integrated efficiently with other languages for optimal usage. It also lets you widen your horizons and delve into things non-Erlang.