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Horacio González-Vélez
Innovation-driven Parallel Computing Scientist with a Marketing Twist
Robert Gordon University

As lecturer with the School of Computing of the Robert Gordon University in the UK, Horacio González-Vélez conducts research in parallel and distributed computing. He earned a doctoral degree in informatics from the University of Edinburgh. Having spent over ten years in the ICT industry working for innovation-driven companies such as Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems, Horacio is also used to adopting different commercial roles in HPC engineering and product marketing. Enthusiastic about technology and its applications, he supports joint interdisciplinary research that motivates knowledge transfer, creative thinking, and innovative products.

Further biographical details can be found through his VCard.

Horacio González-Vélez is Giving the Following Talks
Virtualizing Parallel Patterns for CPU/GPU Architectures

Commonly-used patterns of parallel computation, communication, and interaction provide a high-level parallel programming methodology which allows the conceptual description of parallel programs whilst fostering platform independence and algorithm abstraction. This talk presents some trends in parallel patterns for CPU/GPU architectures to enable software and hardware virtualization. It will discuss some initial results and the plans in ParaPhrase,  a novel 36-month €3.5 million European research project to develop a new structured pattern-based framework in Erlang and C/C++ for heterogeneous parallel architectures.

Talk objectives: Discuss parallel computing trends including multi/many core architectures. Illustrate parallel patterns for CPU/GPU architectures and their applications.

Target audience: Technical. From CTOs of mid-large size companies to High Performance Computing specialists.