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Geoff Cant
Senior Engineer on Heroku's Routing Team

Geoff Cant is an Erlang Hacker from New Zealand, currently working with Blake Gentry and Jake Vorreuter at Heroku on routing, logging and Erlang in the Heroku cloud. When not writing terrifying Erlang shell code or exploiting obscure crypto bugs he enjoys reimplementing tcp/ip in Erlang on lazy weekends in the East Bay.

Twitter: @archaelus

Geoff Cant is Giving the Following Talks
Deploying Erlang applications in the Heroku cloud

Heroku's cloud application platform has grown from its Ruby heritage into a true polyglot platform. Apps can now be built and deployed in nearly any language, including Erlang.

Come see how to quickly get started running Erlang apps on Heroku. Learn advanced tricks to run your app with any Erlang version and customize the Erlang build pack to suit your needs.

Target audience: Erlang developers of any level looking to focus more on building their app and less on managing infrastructure.

Presentation slides are available here.