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John Hughes
Inventor of QuickCheck and Erlanger of the year
QuviQ AB

John Hughes is co-founder and CEO of Quviq AB, and the originator of Quviq QuickCheck. From 2002-2005 he led a major research project in software verification, funded by the Swedish Strategic Research Foundation. This led to the development of Quviq QuickCheck in Erlang. Before John's involvement with Erlang, he was deeply involved with the design of Haskell from the start, and co-chaired the committee that defined the current language standard.

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John Hughes is Giving the Following Talks
Certifying your car with Erlang

Modern cars are full of software, with 50-100 processors and tens of millions of lines of code. Increasingly, this software is based on the AUTOSAR standard, drawn up by a consortium including Toyota, Ford, GM, and most of the world's other major car manufacturers. AUTOSAR defines the "basic software" which should run on each processor, providing a standardised environment enabling AUTOSAR applications to be distributed freely around the processors in the car.

Such is the theory. In practice, the basic software is supplied by
multiple vendors, and follows the standard to a greater or lesser degree. Mixing software from different vendors can lead to unexpected failures as a result. For the last year Quviq has been working with Volvo to model AUTOSAR basic software components using Erlang, and test them for compliance using QuickCheck. I'll present some of the challenges and results--which may help make your car more reliable in the future!