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Karl Anderson
Chief Erlang Architect and CTO at 2600hz

Karl Anderson is CTO and chief architect at 2600hz, an engineering company specializing in massively scalable open source telecom solutions for carriers and the enterprise. As core design engineer, he led the design and engineering of the 2600hz Platform which is mainly written in Erlang. He also serves as OpenSIPs expert and general problem solver, as well as developer for their previous product. Karl’s 12 years of experience in electrical engineering and computer science include developing an entire hosted carrier network from the ground up, managing a large fiber backbone, and leading several successful design teams.  In short, he is the jack-of-all-trades for all things VoIP. A robotics fanatic and a lover of all things technical,  he enjoys building gadgets, taking things apart, and fiddling with expensive equipment.

Karl Anderson is Giving the Following Talks
Handling a Polyglotten WAN

In the ever expanding world of cloud computing, messaging across back-end systems must be done quickly, reliably, and accurately 100% of the time. In this talk, we will discuss how AMQP is the open standard application layer protocol with Erlang implementation through RabbitMQ that successfully meets  these needs. It serves as a rendezvous point for back-end systems to communicate efficiently and reliably while providing extensive features and full functionality for all languages to communicate with one another, otherwise known as polyglot programming. 

Talk objectives: Give an overview of AMQP strengths and pain points. Demonstrate how it uses RabbitMQ to keep everything in native Erlang data type.

Target audience: Developers and System Engineers.