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Ken Wilson
Systems Architect ADTECH - AOL Advertising group

Ken Wilson is a Systems Architect with ADTECH, a division of the AOL Advertising group. Over the last 22 years he has worked on a variety of different areas from export software, embedded building management systems, EDIfact data engines, Web solutions and social networking. For the last 4 years Ken has been the lead Architect in the Adtech group delivering highly scalable Ad Serving solutions. 

Ken Wilson is Giving the Following Talks
Migrating a C++ team to using Erlang to deliver a real-time bidding ad system

ADTECH’s ad delivery systems have traditionally been built using C++ technology. When the time came to build a real time bidding ad delivery system the team felt that traditional approaches would not be able to scale to the requirements that such a system would demand. The team undertook a very short investigation and then embarked on a journey to transform themselves, in a very short period of time, into an Erlang development group despite having no previous experience of the language. This talk is about that journey and some of the lessons learnt in the process.

Talk objective: To share our experiences moving from a traditional C++ development methodology to functional Erlang methodology.

Target audience: Anyone interested in large scalable systems, online advertisement delivery and on-boarding a new development paradigm such as Erlang.