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Kevin Smith
Pragmatic Podcast Narrator

Kevin Smith is Director of Engineering at Opscode where his team wields Erlang and Ruby to make Chef better and faster. He's been a developer, DBA, network administrator, and team lead over the course of his 16 year career. Kevin has worked on a number of Erlang projects at prominent technology firms including Engine Yard, Basho Technologies, and Heroku.

Twitter: @kevsmith

Kevin Smith is Giving the Following Talks
Tutorial: Fine-tuning the Erlang VM

This 1.5 hour class will focus on diagnosing and fixing common Erlang performance problems with a mix of lecture and live code demonstrations. Topics to be covered include SMP vs. UP scheduling, tuning garbage collection, writing well behaved NIFs, and using built-in tools like percept and monitor to visualize & diagnose system performance.