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Magnus Klaar
Erlang Developer at Nine Nines
Nine Nines

Magnus Klaar is currently studying Computer science at Högskolan i Skövde and working as an Erlang developer at Nine Nines with Loïc Hoguin. He has worked with maintaining and supporting internet services for a large student housing foundation in Göteborg, Sweden. He has also been an active contributor to the etorrent project and is actively involved in the development of the cowboy web server.

Magnus Klaar is Giving the Following Talks
Saloon - A simple interface for node and application monitoring.

The Erlang runtime system includes an extensive set of primitive functions for observing a running application. Having this capability available both during the development and throughout the whole lifetime of an application is one of the great advantages of using Erlang/OTP. We believe that there is lots of room for improving the current set of desktop and web based tools building on this capability. In doing so we hope to make life easier for developers who're just getting started with Erlang as well as more experienced developers looking to improve their understanding of an application.
In this talk we want to present a data collection application building on the tracing and error reporting capabilities in the erlang runtime system as well as the open source library folsom by Joe Williams. We also want to present a web application for controlling and presenting the data collected from one or more running Erlang nodes.