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Mazdak Rezvani
Chief Technology Officer at Chango

Mazdak brings with him a diverse background in product and technology. Prior to joining Chango, Mazdak served as the VP of Operations at Tall Tree Games, a Top 50 Facebook game developer and the creator of YoVille (acquired by Zynga). Prior to that, Mazdak was the VP of Engineering for the iconic Mazdak was also a founding member of BubbleShare (with Chango CEO Chris Sukornyk) and became the co-founder of an incubator project within Kaboose Inc. (after the BubbleShare acquisition).

Mazdak Rezvani is Giving the Following Talks
Dancing with Big Data: Disco + Inferno

Chango is an online advertising company that pioneered a technique called Search Retargeting. Our systems look at about 10 billion records / day which means we need a fast and effective way of analyzing our data. In our search for a better Map/Reduce framework we found Disco, an Erlang/Python based Map/Reduce framework that's small, fast, elegant, understandable. We needed a way to tame the power of Disco and that's when we came up with the Inferno project which takes even more complexity out of Map/Reduce. With Inferno you concentrate about what you want from your data by letting it take care of all the underlying Map/Reduce complexity.

Talk objectives: Familiarise audience with the Erlang-based Disco Map/Reduce framework. Introduce Chango's recently-opened Inferno framework that makes working with Disco a breeze.

Target audience: People interested in Big Data or Map / Reduce - the talk is going to be Basic to Intermediate