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Paul Jones
Founder at 23wide, lead developer at LShift

Paul Jones is the founder of 23wide, a company in search of software intelligence, as well as a lead developer for LShift in the UK. A developer at heart; a connoisseur of many different development languages and techniques. Contributor of the Erlang support to the VMware CloudFoundry open source platform-as-a-service project, and previously a committer on RabbitMQ.

Twitter: @paulrojo

Paul Jones is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang and PaaS, panel debate

What services could a PaaS provide to make Erlang easier to deploy and operate in production? Are there any Erlang features that are fundamentally incompatible with PaaS? How can some of Erlang/OTP's more unique features (distributed processes, hot code upgrades) be made PaaS compatible?

In this session, we'll explore these topics through an open discussion with the aim of discovering how best to make a PaaS where Erlang feels like a first class citizen.

Talk objectives: To generate an open discussion about how to progress Erlang as a strong Platform-as-a-Service tenant

Target audience: Anyone interested in deployment techniques for Erlang
How Cloud Foundry, the first Open PaaS, can help you deploy apps faster and experiment with new technologies.

Join Monica Wilkinson of the Cloud Foundry Team and Paul Jones, founder at 23wide, for a hands-on-session to learn how to develop and deploy a simple application to the cloud in minutes and experiment with new technology. In this session, you will learn:
  • What is Cloud Foundry - Monica
  • How to deploy and scale apps on Cloud Foundry - Monica
  • How to bind application services - Monica
  • How languages go into Cloud Foundry - Paul
  • How Erlang runs on Cloud Foundry - Paul
  • Open Source Process - Monica
Target audience: Web Developers

Presentation slides are also available here.