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Tim Spurway
Architect at Chango
Chango Inc.

Tim has many years of software development and architecture experience, with over 15 years designing large systems for clients such as Northern Telecom, FedEx, Ameritech, JP Morgan, Merck, Shoppers Drug Mart, ACNielsen, Home Depot, and Lavalife to name a few.

Tim possess the experience and engineering know-how to accurately estimate, construct and execute a software project plan. He stresses team-work, communication, and professionalism at every level and expects success in everything he undertakes.

Tim Spurway is Giving the Following Talks
Dancing with Big Data: Disco + Inferno

Chango is an online advertising company that pioneered a technique called Search Retargeting. Our systems look at about 10 billion records / day which means we need a fast and effective way of analyzing our data. In our search for a better Map/Reduce framework we found Disco, an Erlang/Python based Map/Reduce framework that's small, fast, elegant, understandable. We needed a way to tame the power of Disco and that's when we came up with the Inferno project which takes even more complexity out of Map/Reduce. With Inferno you concentrate about what you want from your data by letting it take care of all the underlying Map/Reduce complexity.

Talk objectives: Familiarise audience with the Erlang-based Disco Map/Reduce framework. Introduce Chango's recently-opened Inferno framework that makes working with Disco a breeze.

Target audience: People interested in Big Data or Map / Reduce - the talk is going to be Basic to Intermediate