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Ville Tuulos
Co-Founder of Bitdeli and Initiator of the Disco project

Ville Tuulos is a co-founder of Bitdeli, an Erlang-powered startup that provides a frictionless backend for data-intensive web applications. Before Bitdeli, Ville was a team lead at Nokia Research where he crunched hundreds of terabytes of mobile data using Disco, the most popular MapReduce framework written in Erlang which he started to develop in 2007.

Ville Tuulos is Giving the Following Talks
Bitdeli: Data Crunching on a Shoestring Budget

Thanks to utility computing providers such as Amazon EC2, the basic infrastructure for processing Big Data is available to everyone. Whereas earlier it was critical to design the software so that it would not hit limits of your infrastructure, now the software needs to avoid hitting your credit limit.

In this talk, we will tell how and why we have used Erlang to build Bitdeli, a new backend service for data-intensive web applications. A key design goal was to make the system extremely cost-efficient without sacrificing scalability or latency. This required a language that can cope with a rapidly changing environment, which made Erlang a natural choice for the job.

Talk Objectives: Give an overview of Erlang and Big Data. Show why Erlang is a great tool for managing data-intensive systems in the cloud. Share tips & tricks on how to use Amazon Web Services in a cost-effective manner.

Target Audience: Data enthusiasts and Erlangers using AWS and other utility computing providers.

Presentation slides are available here.