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Yurii Rashkovskii
Spawnfest Organiser

Yurii has been using Erlang on and off since 2001 for commercial and open source projects, always returning to it from his endeavors with other platforms. Among other things, his open source Erlang work includes erlzmq2, beam.js, seqbind & exportie, proper_stdlib, evfs,, agner, epitest and EEP 39 implementation. Yurii resides in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).

Twitter: @yrashk

Yurii Rashkovskii is Giving the Following Talks
Fear Not, or a Brief Introduction to Parse Transformations

Parse transformations is one of those techniques that is generally either loved or hated. They are a fantastic weapon but used carelessly can shoot you in the foot. But the only way to learn using such weapons carefully is to master them first.

An explanation of mechanics will be given, and some tricks & libraries that simplify the whole job of writing parse transformations will be shown. A few existing parse transformations (such as SeqBind and Exportie) will be explained and some other usage ideas will be discussed.

Talk objective: To provide a starting point on using parse transformations, a scarcely documented subject.

Talk audience: Die-hard hackers, Explorers & Adventurists.


On the third day of the conference we will be running a Hackathon. The goal of the hackathon is to take the collaborative coding happening globally on the internet into a room of - with a bit of luck - coders already having collaborated online.

Aimed at primarily Erlang open source coders, a good grasp of writing Erlang to produce working code is required. The hackathon won't be a tutorial on Erlang but the chance to hack on anything you want while sharing it and socializing with people you only meet annually.

Ideally you will sit down and work on a project/task you had discussed virtually with one of the participants or initiate other developers to  contribute to a project by tutoring them. This will also allow you to discuss the project and get feedback.

Attendees should bring a laptop with them that has Erlang up and running.