Monitoring Erlang Systems with WombatOAM

Richard Jonas
Software Developer at Erlang Solutions

WombatOAM is an operations and maintenance framework for Erlang based systems. This talk shows how it connects to your nodes via distributed Erlang, how it gathers and stores metrics, notifications and alarms, and how it displays this information on its web dashboard. The talk also covers the basics of Wombat's architecture.

Talk objectives:

The goal is to give an understanding of what WombatOAM can do for monitoring Erlang systems and how it achieves that.

Target audience:

Developers and operators who are interested in managing Erlang systems.



I started my professional career in 2000 by developing web applications in Java. Then I got to know Erlang by extending and optimizing ejabberd, since ejabberd was the communication base for the different applications that the company I worked for developed. After that I moved back to the Java world again and developed enterprise applications, e.g. clusters with big memory. Now I am back to the Erlang world, working in the Budapest office of Erlang Solutions Hungary.

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