Intro to Haskell for Erlangers

Bob Ippolito
Entrepreneur in Retirement

I'll cover the benefits and use cases for Haskell, and try to introduce the syntax and concepts in a way that will be familiar to Erlang programmers. I'll highlight the parts of modern Haskell that are relevant to Erlang's domain: parallelism, concurrency, and distribution.

Talk objectives:

The talk aims to make getting started with Haskell a bit less intimidating for Erlang developers. After the talk, the audience should have a pretty good foundation and some pointers for self-study of Haskell later.

Target audience:

Functional programmers who are interested in adding another language to their arsenal.


Founder and former CTO of Mochi Media. Author of several open source Erlang projects such as mochiweb. Currently helping high school students learn how to code.

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