LFE from 0 to 120kph... in 45 Minutes

Duncan McGreggor
Concurrency Passion Community

Come see a whirlwind tour of LFE in action as a full-fledged language running on the Erlang VM. LFE is capable of supporting the a complete development life-cycle for production-ready applications and services, from inception through iteration to deployment.

Talk Objectives

This talk will * provide an introduction to LFE, comparing to Erlang and other language syntaxes * introduce LFE dev processes, showing how to create new LFE projects and related tasks * give an overview of rebar plugins created with LFE * give an overview of creating libraries with LFE * give an overview of creating applications with LFE/OTP * demonstrate deploying LFE/OTP apps to a cloud * demonstrate running an LFE/OTP app in a production cloud * provide references to the covered materials in a manner that is easy to consume and reproduce

Target Audience

* Erlangers wishing to expand their horizons without leaving the Erlang VM * Clojurists and Lispers looking for easy-access to Erlang * The LFE-curious, wanting to see what 100% LFE software projects look like, from end-to-end * Any programmer for whom the "fringe" is too passé; for those who want to peer into the abyss of the fringe's fringe.


Having programmed with GOTOs in the 80s, Duncan has made up for it by over 20 years of community service in various open source projects. He has spent most of the past 10 years using async frameworks in languages ranging from Python and Common Lisp to Clojure and Lisp Flavored Erlang. Passionate about the time- and bug-savings provided by functional programming, Duncan is helping to educate new generations of software engineers both at work and at play.




Github: @oubiwann

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