Performance Optimization 101

Louis-Philippe Gauthier
Developer Team Lead AdGear Trader, Infrastructure Engineering

In order to scale AdGear's real-time bidding (RTB) platform, we've been optimizing system and application performance. In this talk, I'll share all my findings, from basic tips to advanced topics. I'll cover coding patterns, metric collection, tracing and much more!

Talk objectives:

- Share basic tips, common pitfalls, efficient coding patterns
- Introduce tooling for metric collection (statsderl, vmstats, system-stats, riak_sysmon)
- Highlight erlang trace (fprof, flame graphs)
- Expose advanced topics (VM tuning, lock-counter, systemtap, cpuset)

Target audience:

- Anyone looking to improve the performance of their Erlang application.


Louis-Philippe "LP" Gauthier is a software developer based in Montreal, Canada. He is the director of product engineering at AdGear and leads the development of AdGear Trader, a real-time digital advertising platform (RTB) that connects buyers, sellers, and ad exchanges. His interests include distributed processing, low-latency high-throughput web services, and high availability systems.

GitHub: lpgauth

Twitter: @lpgauth

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