Implementing Automated Trading System for the Power Market

Anton Prokofiev
Senior Short Term Energy Manager at Statkraft Trading

If you have not write any “Hello, World” program in your life, or when you hear words  “bear” or “bull” you think just about animals, thanks to the modern media you have heard about “flash crash” and mythical High Frequency Trading Companies that makes billions on the financial markets using blade edge computer technology, Companies that require you to have PhD in Quantum Physics or Math just to take look at your CV.

It is extremely difficult to find any information about the system and technologies that used to build automated trading systems. if you would only get a chance to build your own, you would never missed it…

We got a chance to build our own and we did it for a specific market, that you probably have never heard about: German Intraday Power Market.

Talk objectives:

- We will give you some insights how power markets are functioning;

- Share our experience what was a good and what kind of mistakes you should try to avoid and how Erlang/OTP principles help us to build highly reliable system.

Target audience:

- If you are working for the one of the HFT companies, you probably should take a speech and give us some information how your systems works :)

- If you thinking about building your own trading system this presentation will give you a good starting point.


There are very few things about the energy business Anton doesn’t know about. He has been working in the power trading industry for approximately 9 years, and among his daily responsibilities are: 

- Intraday optimization of the company’s gas-fired power plants portfolio (appr. 2000 MW),

- Intraday optimization of the company’s renewable-plants portfolio (appr. 8 500 MW)

- 24*7 trading of the power on the German power market (Exchange (EPEXSPOT), OTC ...)

On top of all this, he is responsible for the development of Statkraft’s tools that help to do the job. (Erlang, C#, VB.NET, Oracle PL/SQL)

The latest tool created by Anton is an Automated trading system for the German Power Market. It is built entirely in Erlang /OTP and until now it proved to be quite reliable and profitable :)

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