A day full of Erlang on 4 Dec! Three days of training courses on Erlang and OTP on 1-3 Dec




Thank you for a sold-out conference! The conference rocked this year and it is not only thanks to great speakers but also thanks to you and your positive energy! Hope to see you all back at our next Berlin EFL in December 2015. Until then, check out the slides.

Robert Virding

Erlang: Evolution
Erlang co-inventor

José Valim

What Elixir is about
Creator of Elixir and Ruby on Rails Core Team member

Martin Rehfeld

Deployment Options: How To Ship New Code Without Taking Your System Down
Polyglot Developer, Architect and DevOp @ Wooga

Eric Meadows-Jönsson

Elixir Tooling
Elixir Team Member

Anton Prokofiev

Implementing Automated Trading System for the Power Market
Senior Short Term Energy Manager at Statkraft Trading

Mariano Guerra

Riak Core in Small Bites
Creator of efene, Co Founder of Event Fabric

Gustav Simonsson

The Cool Kids <3 Erlang
Founder @ ai effect UG

Henning Diedrich

The Cool Kids <3 Erlang
Founder @ ai effect UG

Sonny Scroggin

Tipping the Webscale with XMPP and WebSockets
Polyglot Hacker @ Blue Box, Inc.

Bruce Yinhe

Latest News from the OTP Team
Erlang Community Manager

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Day 1, December 4, 2014