Elixir Tooling

Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Elixir Team Member

You may have been introduced to Elixir before. The language features have been shown; strong meta-programming, protocols, and Erlang interop. This talk is about the less talked about, but equally important, surrounding features of Elixir.

Eric will talk about Elixir tooling specifically Mix the build tool and Hex the package manager. The talk will go in-depth about Mix's project and build structure, how dependencies are handled, how to create custom Mix tasks and what Hex brings to the table. Eric will also show how the standard library and tooling can be used by Erlang developers. 

Talk objectives:

Introduce the audience to Elixir tooling, including Mix and Hex

Target audience:

Beginner Elixir developers and Erlang developers interested in Elixir


Eric Meadows-Jönsson is part of the team behind the Elixir programming language and has created many open source projects in Elixir, including Hex, a package manager and Ecto, a language integrated query for Elixir. He graduated from Computer Science at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and is now an Elixir developer at icanmakeitbetter.com. Eric has a passion for open source development and programming with a focus on functional programming and the Erlang ecosystem.

GitHub: ericmj

Twitter: @emjii

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