Riak Core in Small Bites

Mariano Guerra
Creator of efene, Co Founder of Event Fabric

One of the secret weapons of Erlang is Riak Core "a toolkit for building distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant applications", it's so secret that it's really hard to find information about it. 

In this talk we will start from a riak core project skeleton using rebar riak core template and one bite (commit) at a time we will add features until we have a working riak_core based application supporting commands, consistent hashing, clustering, handoff, quorum based reads and writes, coverage calls, riak_core_security and more.

All of this exposed through an HTTP API using Cowboy and Bullet.


Mariano is an Argentinian Software Engineer, Python, Javascript, Clojure and Erlang programmer who worked in HPC, R&D, former creator and mantainer of efene (a programming language for the Erlang VM), now Co Founder of Event Fabric, an application to integrate, manipulate, understand and visualize data from multiple sources in real time from your web browser.

Twitter: @EventFabricApp

Github: marianoguerra

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