Deployment Options: How To Ship New Code Without Taking Your System Down

Martin Rehfeld
Polyglot Developer, Architect and DevOp @ Wooga

Erlang is quite famous for long-running interruption-free installations. But how is this achieved in practice while still evolving the software?

We will look at different deployment options, from simple to advanced:

1. Deployment by restart

2. Hot code reloading

3. Release handling

See hot code reloading in action and learn how to avoid common traps & pitfalls.

Talk objectives: By the end of this talk you shall be able to decide: Which strategy is right for me? What do I have to consider?

Target audience: General familiarity with Erlang is assumed.


With more than 20 years of professional IT experience under his belt, Martin got in touch with a lot of different technology to become a true generalist.
Martin is a fan of Functional Programming and has been using Erlang as his main workhorse for the last couple of years.
Twitter: @klickmich
Github: martinrehfeld

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