Erlang In The Wild: A Governmental Web Application

Pieterjan Montens
Software and System Engineer, Jurist

Design, implementation and story of a real-world, serious governmental web application built on Erlang/OTP. Join in to find out the benefits of using Erlang when the only specification you have is "something to share files with... for jurists"

Talk objectives:

- Learn about the benefits of using Erlang, especially when requirements are fuzzy
- See how Erlang can be applied in the application tier

Target audience:

- Beginner to senior developers curious about how Erlang/OTP can be put to use in a real world web application
- Jurists who'd like to become (Erlang) software developers


Pieterjan Montens is a self-taught software developer who has been honing his Erlang/OTP knowledge since 2008 in Belgium and Switzerland and spends his days promoting Erlang (by example) at Belgium's federal institutions. He shook the Belgian law sector by building the first official & usable e-proceedings platform in the country, using Erlang.

GitHub: PieterjanMontens

Twitter: @pieterjan_m

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