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Dennis Byrne

Dennis Byrne works for ThoughtWorks, a global consultancy with a focus on end-to-end agile software development of mission critical systems. He has delivered as a tech lead and an iteration manager. He is both an Apache and JBoss committer, and has worked on integrating Java systems with the Erlang platform. Dennis has two bachelors degrees. In his spare time he enjoys writing and weight lifting.

Dennis's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on using Jinterface to bridge Erlang and Java.

Dennis Byrne is Giving the Following Talks
Using Jinterface to Bridge Erlang and Java

As Erlang gains speed we are finding more and more opportunities to integrate it with legacy systems built on other programming platforms. A large share of these legacy systems have been written in Java, making JInterface a valuable tool in the enterprise. This session will present an in depth look at the Jinterface API and how it bridges the functional world of Erlang with the object oriented world of Java. This Erlang session will also highlight the very different approaches to concurrency offered by the two platforms, with an emphasis on when and when not to use either.