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Eric Merritt

Eric Merritt is a Software Engineer who specializes in concurrent languages and distributed systems. For the last seven years he has been coding Erlang and has also been heavily involved in the Erlang community. Currently, Eric is a core developer for the Erlware family of open source products and is the primary developer for the Sinan build system.

Eric has been involved in both professional and Open Source development for the last ten years. He started his career developing applications in C and Java on IBM Mainframe and Midrange hardware. He also provided training and consulting in object-oriented principles and concepts. However, his interest in languages, concurrency and distributed systems quickly drove him to greener fields. Today he works on both large-scale distributed systems and interesting Erlang projects, sometimes at the same time.

Eric's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on Faxien and Sinan, Build and Distribution Systems In Erlang.

Eric Merritt is Giving the Following Talks
Introduction using Faxien & Sinan: Erlang Project Build & Packaging Systems

In this talk you will learn how to install the tools and how to generate and start a project singen, build.cfg, and compilation. Eric and Martin will also provide an intro into working with erlware tools during build Building and testing with Sinan, versioning and locally installing library applications so Sinan picks them up as dependencies. They will then cover how to publish code Creating releases, package format conventions, control files, the package maintainer role, publishing with Faxien. Finally, you will learn how to install and use production releases, how to install and use them.