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Karthik Ramachandra

Karthik Ramachandra is a consultant and an application developer at ThoughtWorks Inc. for about 4 years now. He has designed and developed many complex applications in various technologies(Java, Ruby/ROR, C/C++). He has been programming in Erlang for almost a year now and is passionate about functional programming which got him introduced to Erlang. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science & Information Technology and a few opensource tools to his credit.

Karthik's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on load testing of web applications.

Karthik Ramachandra is Giving the Following Talks
Load Testing of Web Applications

Load testing of web applications is typically done to understand the load characteristics the application can handle, to configure the hardware and the deployment architecture to allow the web application to handle a higher load. If an application has to scale to millions of users, performance testing becomes mandatory. This implies that the tool used for testing must be scalable in the first place in order to simulate the expected loads. Karthik explains why Erlang is the language of choice for scalable and highly concurrent applications.

This talk covers:
  • Performance testing of web applications – challenges and approaches
  • The erlang approach in detail
  • Demo of the experiment
  • Future directions and lessons learnt