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Lennart Öhman

Lennart Öhman is a member of the Sjöland & Thyselius management team and works with project management and customer problem analysis as well as “hand-on” technical development. Mr. Öhman works world-wide using his international experience to both assist international customers and market S&T services and products.Lennart started his career as a systems developer at Ericsson, focusing on robust, fault tolerant and non-stop systems written in Erlang. His first project was the Mobility Server, the first Erlang system Ericsson took into production. In conjunction with his work with the mobility server, he invented what later became the OTP behaviours.

Lennart Öhman is Host to the Following Tracks

Erlang has been described as the 'silver bullet'. It has created a lot of interest with venture caplitalists. In this track we learn how to work with VCs and mentors.