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Roberto Saccon

Roberto Saccon, is currently working on soon-to-be-launched Erlang based products and services targeted to Web application development and deployment. Previously, Roberto has played key roles in setting up and maintaining e-banking websites at Major Swiss financial institution, has experience as an application engineer for telecoms and as an independant consultant has provided OS and DB administration, Java development and project management services. Since these roles, Roberto has been looking for ways to improve performance, stability and most of all, the workflow of creating, deploying and scaling web applications and has recently founded Skast, LLC, a Micro-ISV. Roberto regularly writes on his blog and occaisionally on about the Web and Erlang related Open Source projects.

Roberto's talk at Erlang eXchange will focus on Ajax and Erlang.

Roberto Saccon is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang and Ajax Web Applications

Erlang and Ajax Web Applications Today web development is dominated by PHP, ASP, RubyOnRails and numerous Java frameworks, most of them focus on serverside HTML generation. Web developers start to become aware of Erlang, but the majority doesn’t feel yet the need to leave their easily learned and simple to use language or framework. Any attempt to write a web framework in a functional language so far mostly managed to attract only developers which were already familiar with that specific language. But next generation Ajax Web applications are different and have different web server and framework requirements and fortunately this requirements match very well with what Erlang has to offer.