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Xingdong Bian
Erlang Solutions Ltd.

Xingdong started working with Erlang last summer as a result of his passion for functional programming. He is currently working on the Erlang web-platform developing reusable components with Wrangler, the refactoring tool from University of Kent, to make the components of the web-platform generic and reusable. Xingdong's talks at Erlang eXchange will focus on building web applications in Erlang.

Xingdong Bian is Giving the Following Talks
Building Web Applications in Erlang

During this workshop we will first describe the lessons learnt when internally developing web applications in Erlang. Then we will introduce the concept of a framework which has been implemented at Erlang Solutions on the basis of these experiences. The concept of the framework was first presented at Erlang Workshop 2006, Portland, Oregon (