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Clara Benac Earle
Ex-Ericsson CS Lab and model checking expert
Technical University of Madrid

Clara was first exposed to Erlang as a student from Spain who got the opportunity to do a master project at Ericsson CSLAB - the birthplace of Erlang. Having seen enough of Sweden, she decided to spread Erlang technology to the UK academy by pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Kent, after which she returned home to Madrid, Spain where she now works at the Technical University of Madrid. Her speciality is model checking Erlang programs, and now works together with other researchers in the European ProTest project on developing new cool Erlang development tools.

Clara Benac Earle is Giving the Following Talks
Recent Improvements to the McErlang model checker

In this paper we describe a number of recent improvements to the McErlang model checker, including a new source to source translation to enable more Erlang programs to work under McErlang, a methodology for writing properties that can be verified by McErlang, and a combination of simulation and model checking. The latter two features are illustrated by means of the messenger example found in the documentation for the Erlang/OTP distribution.