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Benjamin Kampmann

Benjamin Kampmann is a self taught software developer and product creationist. After his civil service he moved to Barcelona to work for a multimedia startup for over one and a half years before moving to Berlin to work for a startup in the financial market. Since then he cofounded another company and advises other startups on their technology and product. In 2012 he was part of the founding team behind the OpenTechSchool-Initiative. 

Twitter: @amasoean

Benjamin Kampmann is Giving the Following Talks
Hackers' Community Project

OpenTechSchool is a community movement of programmers and tech enthusiasts, who organize and host free programming workshops and tech learning events for people of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels. Since it was founded in Berlin in April 2012, it was also established in Stockholm, Melbourne, Zurich, Tel-Aviv, Ramallah, Dortmund and Hamburg. And though these teams run the workshops and event independently they all contribute to the OpenSource Learning materials to be reused globally. OpenTechSchool is always interested in exploring more language, technologies and formats in which learning in tech can happen. The latest experiment being a full-time self-directed peer-learning programme, called Hackership, taking place in November in Berlin for the first time. More about about OpenTechSchool on and Hackership at