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Dmitry Aleksandrov

Dmitry has been working in Travelping and building distributed AAA application for Telecom Systems for 2 years. He is a student at Magdeburg University OVGU. Spontaneous Type, Erlang and Elixir enthusiast. Sometimes committer to Erlang and Elixir Open Source projects, such as Chicago Boss, Elixir and the like.

Dmitry Aleksandrov is Giving the Following Talks
What can Elixir do for writing DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Code for Beam VM?

This talk will focus on the Elixir programming language and its new usages from the viewpoint of a one-year user. I used Elixir in university and personal projects as well as at work and discovered that Elixir as a language has more potential than it first meets the eye. It can be used as a new method to program for the Beam VM. This will not general be overview, but rather focussed on several strengths, which can be especially interesting for actual projects. I will demonstrate how we can simplify Erlang code and make it both more efficient and less boilerplate (more maintainable). For this purpose I will use code samples from the Erlang documentation, open source and actual projects.

Talk objectives:
  •  Why and how can Elixir programs be faster than Erlang programs and what can be done to make some parts of Erlang programs faster by writing them in Elixir
  •  How can we reduce boilerplate Erlang code through simple and  comprehensible abstractions 
  •  How can we make Erlang code more maintainable by reducing  boilerplate with Elixir 
  • Which language design decisions and conventions were done for writing  maintainable code in Elixir
Target audience: Erlang beginner and intermedia developers