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Jesper Louis Andersen
Creator of the eTorrent project
Erlang Solutions

Jesper is a Danish programming language geek who is now heading up the Erlang Solutions Copenhagen office. Jesper has programmed in numerous different programming languages. He has a keen interest in weaving functional programming with parallelism and concurrency. He likes to try out new ideas from theoretic research by finding a real-world application and building a system around the idea in order to evaluate its usefulness. In the process he likes to apply knowledge from different areas of mathematics and computer science and he has a curiosity for anything new.

He is the principal programmer and leader of two open source projects, implementing the BitTorrent Peer-to-peer content distribution protocol in Haskell and Erlang respectively.

Twitter: @jlouis666

Jesper Louis Andersen is Giving the Following Talks
Where Erlang Rocks

I claim we are evaluating systems based on the wrong metrics in general. We, as software programmers, forget to ask the right questions and thus we build systems wrongly. We focus on "queries" or "bandwidth", entirely. We benchmark without regard to statistics. And we pick tools based upon our flawed results.
In this talk, I look at different metrics and tie them to Erlang. In particular, the crosshair is aimed at areas where Erlang excels. I touch upon how to quantify before we build systems. And I hope to spark a debate on other areas of writing performant programs.

Talk objectives: The goal of the talk is to extend the vocabulary with which we speak of Erlang and what it is good for. In particular, I will touch on the concept of performant systems and what that means in practice.

Target audience: The talk is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate programmers. More experienced people may learn a thing or two.