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Oliver (OJ) Reeves
Co-author of CorrugatedIron
Functional IO

Oliver (OJ) Reeves is a polyglot geek who has been working with a mixture of languages and technologies since the late 1990s. After cutting his teeth on C and C++ on the Windows platform he slowly moved into other languages, many of which lived within the .NET ecosystem. Years of frustration ensued after which he finally found the joys of professional Functional Programming. He discovered Erlang in early 2008 and quickly became obsessed with its quirky syntax, powerful support for concurrency & distribution, and fault-tolerance. Erlang is now an important part of his toolset and is what helps keep him sane while working predominantly in a Microsoft world.

OJ currently runs a small software development consulting company called Functional IO based in Brisbane, Australia. He is also the co-author of CorrugatedIron, a .NET client for Riak.

Twitter: @TheColonial

Oliver (OJ) Reeves is Giving the Following Talks
Riak: why should you care?

Building applications in today's technical climate is challenging for many reasons, one of which is users' expectations on uptime. Building systems that keep running in the face of failing hardware, unpredictable networks and high volumes of traffic is an incredibly tough task. Applications are made up of so many components, all of which can fail at any time. The most important part of your system is the data, and hence having a reliable data store that doesn't fail is paramount if you want your application to be competitive.

Riak, a key-value store created by Basho Technologies, is a database that was designed from the ground up to be fault-tolerant. In this talk, OJ is going to cover the main features of Riak, talk about the areas of the design which make it so hard to break and discuss reasons why Erlang was a superior technology choice for Riak's implementation.