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Evan Miller
Creator of Chicago Boss
University of Chicago

After graduating from Williams College with a bachelor's degree in physics, Evan moved to California where he slung a pager for, devised monitoring systems for IMVU, and moonlighted as an Nginx module developer for 2 years. The experiences led him to believe in the importance of reliable systems and the power of non-blocking I/O, and hence, to Erlang. He is now the maintainer of the ErlyDTL template compiler and the author of Chicago Boss, a full-stack Erlang web framework. Since 2008 Evan has been pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at the University of Chicago, where he specializes in econometric computational methods.

Evan Miller is Giving the Following Talks
Panel Discussion: Erlang and the Web

When you think of Web application development today, you may think of Ruby, Python, or PHP. Erlang, however, is not known as a language for Web development. Ironically, Erlang's unique features make it ideal as a Web platform - specifically its ability to handle massive scale while maintaining high reliability.
In this session, you'll hear from a panel of Web application experts who use Erlang to build Web servers and frameworks. Each will present a proven Erlang technology that demonstrates how Erlang can be leveraged to build Web applications. You'll learn where Erlang shines and where it struggles in this important field.