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Jesse Gumm
Owner and lead developer at Sigma Star Systems

Jesse has 16 years of development experience and is the owner and lead developer for Sigma Star Systems, a firm that specializes in web application development. The company's current flagship product, BracketPal, is a sports league and tournament management system built with the Nitrogen Web Framework. In open source, Jesse is the project lead for the Nitrogen Web Framework and the author of the qdate library for date and timezone management in Erlang.

Jesse Gumm is Giving the Following Talks
Panel Discussion: Erlang and the Web

When you think of Web application development today, you may think of Ruby, Python, or PHP. Erlang, however, is not known as a language for Web development. Ironically, Erlang's unique features make it ideal as a Web platform - specifically its ability to handle massive scale while maintaining high reliability.
In this session, you'll hear from a panel of Web application experts who use Erlang to build Web servers and frameworks. Each will present a proven Erlang technology that demonstrates how Erlang can be leveraged to build Web applications. You'll learn where Erlang shines and where it struggles in this important field.