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Susan Potter
Software Heretic

Susan is currently a Lead Software Engineer who has worked in systems and infrastructure at large scale SaaS companies such as She has worked in application development at startups in finance and media/publishing, and developed software for front- and middle- office systems at trading firms before that.

Susan Potter's academic background is quantitative in nature. After graduating the University of Manchester with a BSc in Mathematics, she worked for two global investment banks in London, then moved to build a B2B trading platform at a software startup in San Francisco, CA (US).
Since then she has led projects and programs at a leading global hedge fund and a US investment bank (both in Chicago) providing advice and leadership on front-, middle- and back-office trading system analysis, architecture and development.
More recently she has been delivering multi-tenant application architectures for SaaS (Software as a Service) shops and automating their deployment into virtualized environments, both in-house and commercial providers such as Amazon’s EC2, Slicehost, Linode and others.

Github: @mbbx6spp
Twitter: @SusanPotter

Susan Potter is Giving the Following Talks
Risk Management And Functional Programming

This talk will summarize Susan's journey of discovery (and often frustration) while building software as an application developer at trading firms and their technology partners. Her journey begins in the land of imperative Object-Oriented languages (C++, Java, and Python) and she finds her way to the kingdom of functional languages like Erlang.

Talk highlights will include examples taken from her experience building middle office software systems at trading firms first in Java and C++, and later in Erlang and C/C++ to compare and contrast approaches.