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Todd Bittner
Lead Engineer at Orbitz Worldwide

Todd started his software engineering career as a 2nd tier support
analyst for a Cobol payroll application and quickly started looking
for greener pastures. He wound up at Orbitz as a Java programmer and
ran across Erlang after discovering that Java’s threading model gave
him headaches. He was fortunate enough to work on Orbitz’s Erlang
stack for two years before moving on to manage a team of engineers
focusing on site reliability and capacity. He continues to promote
Erlang at Orbitz every chance he gets.

Todd Bittner is Giving the Following Talks
Panel Discussion: Erlang and the Web

When you think of Web application development today, you may think of Ruby, Python, or PHP. Erlang, however, is not known as a language for Web development. Ironically, Erlang's unique features make it ideal as a Web platform - specifically its ability to handle massive scale while maintaining high reliability.
In this session, you'll hear from a panel of Web application experts who use Erlang to build Web servers and frameworks. Each will present a proven Erlang technology that demonstrates how Erlang can be leveraged to build Web applications. You'll learn where Erlang shines and where it struggles in this important field.