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Dale Harvey
Engineer at Couchbase and a long time enthusiast of Erlang

Dale Harvey is an Engineer at Couchbase and a long time enthusiast of Erlang, Javascript, Open Source and the Open Web. Dale previously cofounded the online spreadsheet company Hypernumbers before moving to Couchbase where he now focuses on Couchbase core + Couchbase Mobile. Dale's interest in computing started over 15 years ago; he enjoys working with cutting edge technology and knowing the ins and outs of the web, however his passion is solving problemsand delivering solutions to end users. Dale lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and can be found speaking and participating in the local developer community.

Dale Harvey is Giving the Following Talks
Mobile Couchbase, The database that talks sync.

Users today want their data to be current wherever they are, at work, home or on the go.  The challenge is writing applications that work as well offline as they do in the cloud. What if there was a database that was dedicated to solving the problems of syncing data? CouchDB was built by Damien Katz in 2005 with "master to master replication" at its heart, and has since been widely used as the go to database to solve the challenges of data synchronization. When Canonical needed a solution to keep all Ubuntu One users data in sync, they used CouchDB. Couchbase is building on the power of CouchDB's replication to create Mobile Couchbase, a database that keeps your data in sync and with you wherever you go. In this talk I will explain how Mobile Couchbase works as a document database including its replication and conflict resolution features, and how it can be used it to add sync to your application.