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Gordon Guthrie
Entrepreneur extraordinaire

Gordon Guthrie is the CEO/CTO of hypernumbers an early stage start-up. He has previously worked at senior positions in retail financial services, having been Chief Technical Architect at Intelligent Finance during its launch when it secured 10.4% of the UK retail mortgage market and IT Strategist at Direct Line Financial Services. He has also had senior positions in professional services, including BT Global Professional Services.

Gordon Guthrie is Giving the Following Talks
A user-centred approach to functions in Excel and the implementation into Hypernumbers

In 2003 Simon  Peyton Jones, Margaret Burnett and Alan Blackwell published a paper: A user-centred approach to functions in Excel

The principles of this paper have been implemented in the Hypernumbers spreadsheet and this talk will look at some of the technical issues in the implementation.