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Alvaro Videla
PHP coder by day, Erlang fanboy by night

Alvaro Videla is an uruguayan currently working as Lead Developer for, a Shanghai based company that builds Germany biggest dating website. As an Erlang enthusiast he has introduced into the company technology stack products like CouchDB, RabbitMQ and Tsung. He's an technology advocate, having published articles in the php|architect magazine and given conferences about PHP, RabbitMQ and Erlang both in Europe and China.

Alvaro Videla is Giving the Following Talks
Scaling Web Apps With RabbitMQ

In this talk I would like to discuss several messaging scenarios that can help scale our web applications. From using RabbitMQ as a simple "queue server" for running background CPU intensive tasks to implementing RPC over AMQP. See how message multicast can help to simplify the logic of your web app to make it scalable and fault tolerant. We'll see how to implement load balancing with RabbitMQ and how real time logging and monitoring has never been easier.