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Jay Nelson
DuoMark International, Inc

Jay Nelson is a scalability specialist offering consulting services as DuoMark International, Inc.  Since discovering erlang in 2002 he has replaced his OO experience with a concurrent rethinking of traditional CS approaches.  Most recently he has been focused on delivering application services using CouchDB in the cloud and the best tools of the last century for REST applications (make, awk and curl).

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Jay Nelson is Giving the Following Talks
Teach an Old Dog new Tricks; Add a new Behaviour to Erlang/OTP

This two part talk introduces OTP behaviours for beginning erlang
programmers, explaining OTP and the role of behaviours and how to add your own custom OTP-integrated behaviour.  Part two provides insights into the structure of the OTP source baseline, documentation, test_server, github and the OTP team so that you can contribute your new behaviour to the Erlang Open Source legacy.

You can view the slides from this talk here.