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Klaus Trainer
Web Developer at Ubilabs

Klaus Trainer fell in love with functional programming, and Erlang/OTP in particular, during his undergraduate studies. After discovering CouchDB, Klaus started contributing to the CouchDB project and building some CouchApps. Inspired by Volker Mische's work on GeoCouch, Klaus is currently trying to exploit some of those new possibilities, pushing location based media applications to new boundaries.

Klaus Trainer is Giving the Following Talks
OTP Principles by Example

This talk demonstrates OTP principles by means of a live example. In case that you are tired of boring "Hello World" examples: This will be definitely different! I will show you how to manage a real-world application the OTP way. Among other things, you will learn how fixing issues, without having any down time, becomes easy when your system is adhering to OTP principles.

You can find the source code for the live demo here.