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Adam Lindberg
QuickCheck guru at ETC
Erlang Solutions Ltd

Adam has a degree in Computer Science and works as a technical consultant for Erlang Solutions. For the past few years he has worked at Ericsson AB in Stockholm as a team Leader where he leads a team of eight, working developing a domain specific language to handle telephonic traffic manipulation.

Adam Lindberg is Teaching the Following Courses

Target Audience: Software Developers
Prerequisites: Good programming skills in another language
• Understanding of the basics of Erlang.
• Read/Write/Design Erlang Programs.
• Good knowledge of the development environment and tools.
• Provides basics needed to attend the Advanced Erlang/OTP course
Goal: Attend the Advanced Erlang/OTP course and eventually pass the Erlang certification exam.
Duration: Three days.
Registration: 08:30 on 9th November  2009. See here for the venue.
Description: The course contains all the Erlang basics such as sequential and concurrent programming, along side error handling. The Erlang development environment is presented, with a special emphasis on the Erlang mode for Emacs alongside the major debugging tools. Good and bad programming practices are discussed, as are tools used to profile the system. OTP design principles and concepts are sneaked into the material as well as the exercises.