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Ulf Wiger
Uber Erlang programmer and CTO
Erlang Solutions Ltd

Ulf Wiger became one of the first commercial users of Erlang (certainly the first in North America) when he bought a license in 1993. At the time, he was busy designing disaster response systems in Alaska. In 1996, he joined Ericsson and became Chief Designer of the AXD 301 development. At nearly 2 million lines of Erlang code, AXD 301 is the most complex system ever built in Erlang, and probably the most complex commercial system built in any functional language. In recent years, Ulf has been involved in several products based on the AXD 301 architecture, and has been an active member of the Open Source Erlang community. In February 2009, Ulf began his new job as CTO of Erlang Solutions Ltd.

Ulf Wiger is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang's Journey to the Clouds

Erlang was invented in the 90s to address rapid development of non-stop scalable telecoms systems. Initial requirements included massive concurrency, distribution transparency, in-service upgrades, plug-and-play expansion and high programmer productivity. A rapidly growing Open Source community is now using Erlang for scalable web services, messaging systems and cloud computing services. In this talk we will look at how Erlang is breaking out of the clusters of last century and entering today's cloud computing environments.